HutCabb simply stands for our MISSION: Helping U To Create A Better Business
Our Corporate color, RED and Dark GRAY
RED symbolizes confident our Reliability, Energy and Determination
Dark Grey symbolizes our Daring to-be-different, Acclaimed Confidence, Reputable integrity and Knowledge
Our acronym HUTCABB [Helping U To Create A Better Business] reinforces our commitment to employ innovative approaches through best practice solutions to help our customers fill the gaps in their business needs.

HutCabb LOGO defined

The logo consists of 2 curves and the connecting bridge between them.

The curves represents as "C" and the combine symbol brings out the "H"

The first curve demonstrates peaceful raindrops which our enable customers to grow and shine in confidence.

The second curve represents brilliant flame of passionate HutCabbers.

Our HutCabb LOGO summarizes our corporate values system.


HutCabb is a young and energetic company with values of commitment, responsiveness and flexibility to meet today’s challenging environment. Our philosophy of bringing greater business value to our customers and partners is reflected in our company values.

In HutCabb, we believe in the cliché “When you take care of your business, Your business will take care of you”.

Needless to say, our clients are our business. Our values focus on our customers as priority.

Our HutCabb emblem epitomizes the values we integrate in our work culture:

  • High Integrity and Accountability
    We value high integrity and accountability to our community, clients, company and family. By keeping to our words and honouring agreements, we will gain trust and respect.
  • Unparalleled Instinct & Curiosity
    Diversity is key in globalisation. Through infusion of various ethnic & business cultures, the company can learn and move faster in unison benefiting our clients. Through diversity, we acquire sensitivity to other cultures and develop our sense of instinct and curiosity contributing to our talent & skills enhancement.
  • Teamwork through Seamless Synergy
    Synergy is a force to reckon with. It is achieved thru clear leadership, commitment, cooperation and dedication of both leaders and subordinates. We believe that teamwork enables everyone to learn faster through sharing of knowledge, experience & skills.
  • Commitment to Success
    The environment maketh the person. In many situations, we are forced to make tough, unfavorable decisions. We have adopted the motto “Do the RIGHT thing and do it RIGHT!” to guide us in executing appropriate and responsible decisions towards our company organization, clients, partners and community as a whole.
  • Accountable Leadership
    The passion to drive the company towards profitability and make a difference in our people's life. We ensure that everyone in the team learn and grow by through knowledge creation and sharing. We will always take the initiative to interact with our clients and learn more about their businesses thereby allowing us to provide them the best solutions possible.
  • Best-in-class Innovation
    Inherent to innovation is risk, in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the company, we constantly challenge ourselves to think beyond the box while recognising that failure is a possible outcome. We strive for no less than the best.
  • Better than Fun
    Fun is an integral part of the company. We work hard but we also play hard. It allows us to unwind and interact with others at the same time it cultivates learning and understanding in an informal setting.