Founded on 14th February 2000, HutCabb Consulting is a creator of the leading-edge Business Solutions providing consulting services on creative end-to-end solutions.

HutCabb consultants are always focused on the success of our clients. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in business process automation using Information Technology has helped our customers remain competitive in the global markets. Sharp analytical skills and the ability to define tangible results make us valuable to our customers.

We provide on Value Innovation: Process, Methodology & Tools.

HutCabb Consulting, a thought leader in our chosen fields, consistently delivers solutions that reduce costs and increase profits; improve efficiency and raise productivity and enhance competency and enable consistency. We provide the insights required to be successful.

As architects of the leading solutions, HutCabb focuses on helping clients reinforce their business continuity through integration of innovatively proven solutions.


Helping U To Create A Better Business


We innovate to create solutions to help our client's business.
  • Leveraging proven solutions
  • Integrating cutting edge technology
  • Incorporating innovation


The ocean is surely a source of a plethora of fishes. So with so many IT consultants out there, how do you make that not-so-simple decision of CHOICE? Sure, there are the big boys whom have marked household names but with their often exorbitant quotations and mass of projects in hand-you’ll have to wonder whether you’ll get the attention that your project needs!

  • We aim to help our clients create a better business.
  • We help you to compete more effectively.
  • We help you to deliver more efficiently.
  • We help you to service more passionately.

So when you need a creative solution or when you simply need to figure a way to do things better-HutCabb is here to deliver!
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  • Commitment
    We value win-win relationship.
  • Agility
    We respond fast to your needs.
  • Choice Solution Integrator
    We have an array of choices to find the right solutions for your business needs.
  • Technology Alliances
    We rely only with proven solutions which bridges the creative gap.
  • Innovation
    We focus exclusively on Value Innovation: The Process, Methodology & Tools.